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The RL24 Owners Association of Australia Inc.



RL24 Owners Association 

at R.Q.Y.S. – 9th January 2019


Notice for the 2018-2019 AGM and Agenda for the AGM can be found in the 2 attached files.


Rob Legg Day

To celebrate the 90th Birthday of Rob Legg, a special Rob Legg Day has been organised.  All owners of sailing craft designed and manufactured by Rob Legg are invited to participate in this celebration.

The Rob Legg Day will occur on Sunday 6th January 2019 at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Manly, Qld.


View: Rob Legg Day Poster (4).pdf

Rob Legg Day Registration

The Registration Form for the Rob Legg Day is available here.

View: Rob Legg Day Registration Form (4).pdf

2018-2019 Membership Invoice

It is now time to renew your membership with the RL24 Owners Association of Australia Inc.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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RL24 Owners Assoc. AGM 2018

View: RL24 AGM Minutes of 2018.pdf

RL24 Owners Assoc. AGM 2017

View: RL 24 2017 AGM Minutes.pdf

2017 National Titles completed at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

Pretty close to a perfect National Titles! 14 boats, some excellent social times and great weather.

There are some great photos at www.lafoto.com.au follow the links Sail> RL24 Nationals

Results can be found at  the Gippsland Lake Yacht Club site http://www.sailres.com/view.php?s=604

Wayne Hill
President, RL24 Owners Association

Victorian Dates that are approaching if you enjoy a competitive sail in your RL24.

Check the details, including entry dates via the net.

18th and 19th February Trailerable Yachts Victorian Titles – Paynesville

25th February Warneet around French Island

11th and 12th March Marlay Point Overnight Race:

22nd  April Loch Sport Pulse Challenge (check for a NOR)

6th May Melbourne Trailerable Yacht Club-  Four Points Race, North  Port Phillip

The 2018 National Titles will be held at Illawarra Yacht Club, NSW early in January 2018, watch the website for more info under the RL24 National Section http://www.rlyachts.net/Nationals.asp

Wayne Hill

President, RL24 Owners Association

Visit a club on any weekend

There’s also regular RL24s racing at the Gippsland Lakes, around Melbourne with the Trailerable clubs  and in the Western districts lakes near  Colac. A phone call or email to sort out a road trip and race can lead to a great weekend out.

No doubt you are on top of your regular casual sail given a great summer of sailing weather!

Wayne Hill
President, RL24 Owners Association

Minutes of the RL 24 Owners Assn AGM January 7th 2016

View: Minutes of the RL 24 Owners Assn AGM January 7th 2016.pdf

Victorian RL24 Owners - RL24 State Titles and Victorian Trailable Yacht& Sports Boat State Titles

Victorian RL24 Owners have the opportunity to participate in the Victorian Trailable Yacht& Sports Boat State Titles at Williamstown in February. 

The Victoria RL24 Owners State Title can be decided here provided there are sufficient entries.

See more details in News and Events

Updated Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule

The latest version of the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule dated September 2015 has been published following the meeting of the TYSB Technical Committee in July.
The new rule has been uploaded to the Yachting Australia website and can be found here: YA_ATYSB Rule

A report from the Technical Committee can also be found here: YA Trailable Yacht Sports Boat Technical Committee

Please ensure your members and race management personnel are familiar with this updated information.

RL Owners Assn Membership Invoice 2015/16

View: INVOICE 2015-16.pdf

Minutes of the RL meeting January 8th 2015

View: RL Meeting Minutes January 8th 2015.pdf

RL Owners Assn President's Report 2014/5

View: RL24 Owners Association Report Pres 2015.pdf

Contact Information

President & Yachting Victoria Trailerable Division Representative
Wayne Hill
38 Navigator St McCrae 3938
0418 508 167
03 5982 2184

Colin Boylan
49A Whimbrel Avenue, Lake Heights NSW. 2502
0427 273084
Secretary & Treasurer:

Paul Corben
2 Ross Street Bairnsdale 3875 Ph. 03 51525842
0438 004 711
Send Message


Simon Walsh, Sale: 03 5141133

Michael Shannon, Melbourne 03 96466051

RL24 Owners Association Inc -Membership Form 

View: INVOICE 14-15 v2.pdf

RL24 Owners Association AGM Minutes - Jan 2014

View: Jan 14 AGM.pdf

Notice of Race

The notice of Race for the RL24 Championship at Lake Macquarie from Monday Dec 28th.
View: NOTICE OF RACE 2010.pdf

AGM Minutes 2008/9

View: AGM minutes 0809.pdf

Minutes of AGM of RL24 Owner's Assoc. of Australia

The minutes of AGM of RL24 Owner's Assoc. of Australia, held Wed. 2nd Jan. 2008 are available.
View: rl24 minutes AGM Jan2008.pdf