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RL28 galley tank water leak
I suspect the suction hose clamp on my RL28 galley tank has let go & is leaking fresh water into the bilge, I have felt over the lining around the salon birth where the tank is located (as per plan layout) for a inspection port but doesn't appear to be one. Has any RL28 owner had to replace the hose or clamp? I have been led to believe the tank is made from stainless steel if so where did you cut the hole to give access to the outlet. I have previously repaired the shower tank which is made from fibreglass? Regards Rob
Rob4-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Question re galley tank
Rob - I can't help with your quetion, but can I add an additional question while you're in that area? How big is the tank? I must use more water than most people, but my galley tap runs dry after about 2 days at most of use when cruising. Any dimensions / capacities you estimate / get when fiddling in that area would be appreciated. In Jezabel, it seems the only way to get at it would be by removing the ice box and approaching from the stern compartment. It's a bit squeesy - will Austin Powers lend me "mini-Me" for the job? Any thoughts for increasing capacity?
Phil Gardam5-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
galley tank size
Hello Phil I am led to believe the tank is a 12 gallon & made from stainless steel, however I have filled up a 4 gallon bottle & measured it. Yes mine is 12 gallons however if I try to fill the tank too fast it over flows & you think its full, by slowing down my fill rate the tank is full when water comes out of my galley pump & no you can't get to the hose clamp from below the cockpit as the hose runs forward between the sole & sausepan cupboard to the tank Regards Rob

Rob Ritchie5-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
s/steel galley water tank
on subject of galley tank size and removal. having sold my rl28 "just cruisin" 3years ago .i can remember removing the galley tank several times by removing 2 screws in the ply bulkhead between the settee and the galley. the ply just slides out when the screws are removed. the s/steel tank is easily removed to be worked on. i think from memory that the tank was split on a seam which i blamed on overpressuring the tank when filling with a hose.the vent for the tank discharged into the starboard front cockpit locker.i think the volumme of the tank is 12 gallons. good sailing!
Steve Kelly6-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Galley tank removal
Hello Steve Thanks for the info however the ply bulkhead in Haverchat is one piece I may have to cut it to gain access to the tank can you email your phone no to me so I can ring you to quiz you a bit more Thanks Regards Rob
Rob9-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 galley tank water leak
I know this is an old post but it may help someone else looking for an answer.

To access the Galley Stainless steel water tank in the RL28 you need to remove the bulkhead between the galley and the tank. To do this you need to remove around 3 screws on the forward side and 2 on the aft side of the bulkhead. You also need to remove a screw on the cabin top that holds the post in place. Remove the post from the bulkhead. I just gave it a bang with my hand and it came loose. Then just wiggle the bulkhead out. You may need to remove sealant from around the edges if it has been sealed. You can then wiggle the tank out by pushing/lifting it slightly to the starboard side then pull the port side out through the gap.
Alister27-Oct-2015    Edit    Delete 

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