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spinnaker halyard for lifting tender onto an RL 28
Does anyone have any thoughts on using the spinnaker halyard on the RL 28...to raise a 2.8 m inflatable tender on board from the water...it weighs about 45 kilos
Michael Kenneth Cowan20-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: spinnaker halyard for lifting tender onto an RL 28
It can take some effort presumably because the rope is pulling on the side of the sheave and the angle of the rope out to the side of the boat, but it can be done with a winch on the cabin top. It is easier if you have a masthead spinnaker halyard. BTW an Etchell spinnaker is the perfect size for a masthead spinnaker on an RL28 and ex-racing ones are cheap.
The problem comes with where to store the inflatable once you get it on deck. It limits visibility and makes tacking the jib a real chore. Instead, I built a couple of removable timber struts that project back from the transom a foot or so above the waterline, tipped the dinghy on its side onto the struts and tied it to the pushpit rail. Then it is well out of the way. Of course this did involve removing the motor first and maybe you are hoping to leave it attached.
Keith Merkley20-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: spinnaker halyard for lifting tender onto an RL 28
Thanks Keith...I have Russell Roger's old boat...the Swan...now called Nammu...at the Tin Can Bay Marina...two weeks back...I watched the
same tender being hoisted onto a 32 footer...using what looked to be the spinnaker halyard...though the fellow's winch was on his mast...I have a relatively new self tailing winch but I am more concerned about the mast...we are still novice sailors so much to learn...plan at present is to have a few options...our RL 28 is used primarily in the Great Sandy Straits...and the tender is less for ship to shore...more for fishing and crabbing...but I would like the option of getting it on board the yacht...and then probably deflate it...it deflates very quickly...Cheers...MIchael
Michael Kenneth Cowan21-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: spinnaker halyard for lifting tender onto an RL 28
I assume you need to reduce the load on your rigging to make the lift more controllable.

Set a lifting harness for the dingy with a snatch block at its hauling point. https://www.whitworths.com.au/riley-snatch-block-38x16mm

Connect the jib halyard to the spinnaker halyard then hook one under the snatch block.

Now hauling on the jib or spinnaker halyard will give you a two to one lift with half the force on each halyard.

The snatch block rigging could also be useful for lifting someone from the water or other recoveries.
greg21-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: spinnaker halyard for lifting tender onto an RL 28
Thank you very much Greg...will try that...
Michael Kenneth Cowan29-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 

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