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New happy owner.
Hello all.
My name is Paul. My wife Marie and I have recently retired and relocated to Tasmania from sweaty Perth in WA, purchased a home in Hobart and have rejoined the sailing fraternity after a long absence.
We have just purchased a fixed keel RL28 by the name of " Fantacy" ( sail no. 490) and joined the Derwent Sailing Squadron where the boat is now penned.
I have a question.
I have read on this website that the boat originally had a topping lift for the boom. Fantacy doesn't have one so the boom rest on the cabine top when hoisting and lowering the main. Can someone please tell me if the original topping lift fitting should still there and where they are?
Look forward to a reply and starting correspondence with other RL 28 owners in Tassie.
Regards, Paul.
Paul Jackson 13-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: New happy owner.
Hi Paul and Marie and welcome to the world of RLs.
My RL28 had a stainless strip projecting from the aft end of the mast head fitting and I simply had a light line (about 6mm spectra) to a hook that clipped to the boom end. When you eventually get the length of the line right, you will not have to release it when sailing, and it will hold the boom above head height when the sail is down. I guess that does depend somewhat on the cut of the mainsail.
With the sail up, make sure the topping lift is never tight no matter how hard the mainsheet is pulled on - you can do some damage to the boom that way.
If you are able to set it so the one position works for the sail raised or lowered, there is no need for the topping lift line to be fed back down the mast to a cleat - just tie it to the mast head.
Keith Merkley 14-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: New happy owner.
Thanks Keith.
I can't see anything that fits that descriptions. I may need to start from scratch. I was hoping the was an unseen pulley at the top of the mast that can't be seen from the deck.
Judging by the past forums, there seems to be many variations in the 28s. I don't know if this was a natural progression during the design and manufacturing stage or alterations done by owners over the years.
I haven't seen anything in the forum re the fixed keel 28s. Do you know any of their history?
Also, my 28 has a main sheet traveller but photos I've seen do not. If they're not raced, would I loose much performance if I removed it to gain valuable cockpit space?
Thanks for you reply. I'm sure that I will have load more questions while I am learning about this great little boat.
Regards, Paul

Paul 14-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: New happy owner.
This image shows the masthead fitting my RL28 had. You can see the stainless strip rivetted to the top. The topping lift was shackled to the hole in the aft end of that strip and the other end shackled to the boom end, and no adjustment was ever necessary.

A friend's RL28 had a similar system but the lower end of his topping lift had a hook tied in, and the hook was attached when the sail was dropped to keep the boom above head height. As I mentioned previously, this might be necessary depending on the sail cut where the boom would be too low otherwise.

By the way, I got this picture from an advert on ebay where someone is selling a new masthead fitting. This might be of interest to an RL owner who needs a new one.

The fixed keel RL28 is fairly rare. I think I remember Rob saying they were most popular in Sydney where the water is deep and the ramps crowded.

Most 28's have the traveller on the cabin top which I prefer to a cockpit mounted one having bruised my shins too often when trying for a fast tack on my RL24 that I had previously, though a cockpit mounted traveller is certainly more efficient.

One of the great things about the RLs was that they could be fitted out by the owner but that does mean there are mammy variations from the factory finished boats.
Keith Merkley 16-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: New happy owner.
Great reply.
You have been very helpful. I will probably get the masthead fitting. If anyone has more history of the fixed keel 28s I would love to hear some more details.
Thanks Keith.
Paul Jackson 17-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: New happy owner.
Paul 18-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: New happy owner.
Check that the fitting matches your mast section before buying it as some owners fitted other sections than the one the factory used.
Keith Merkley 19-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 

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