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Foam under the floor-rear of cockpit
I have been told that older RL24s can have a problem with the buoyancy foam under the cockpit floor-apparently a leak can develop and this piece of foam becomes waterlogged and useless-also a problem with trailering the boat with extra weight at the rear of the boat. Is there an easy way for me to check on this? I had thought of drilling a hole in bottom of the the rear storage lockers to have look before I did anything more serious.
Peter Brigg29-Apr-2016  
Re: Foam under the floor-rear of cockpit
I have a mk1 which is undergoing its 40th year referb I cut out the foam in both bow and stern when cutting out the foam in the stern I put my hand through the bulkhead
It lasted 40 years but it's some thing that needs management
Tim jackman30-Apr-2016  
Re: Foam under the floor-rear of cockpit
Hi Peter, the way I checked my MKII many years ago was to drill about a quarter inch hole, as low as possible through the bulkhead under the cockpit floor. With the trailer adjusted so bow is down, if you have water in the foam under the cockpit floor it will run out (towards the front) through this hole.
Re: Foam under the floor-rear of cockpit
I have drilled a small hole as Darryn described-no water came out-so probably all is well.
Thanks for those ideas.
Peter Brigg4-May-2016  
Re: Foam under the floor-rear of cockpit
Sounds good Peter, I'd leave it for a couple of days if nothing comes out should be ok. the hole will need resealing to maintain integrity of the buoyancy tank. Water in this section is usually caused by failure of the bulkhead at the rear of the cockpit at the engine well, as seen removed in Tim's photo. Also could happen due to the failure of the timber inside cockpits lockers from cockpit to hull. I have had to replace both these in my MKII.

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