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Bay To Bay Race 2016
The Bay to Bay is on again 30th April/1st May 2016, typically an event attended by a good fleet of RL's. Lets see if we can get a large fleet again this year and a catch up with like minded RL sailors. Great fun racing and social atmosphere. For NOR go to, http://www.herveybaysailingclub.org.au/2016_BayToBay_trailerable_yacht_race.html Who is going? Check in below.
Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016
We will be going in Easy Beat 445, four up with old sails and plenty of refreshments so don't expect to win any trophies .
Regards , Brent
Brent Craig26-Mar-2016  
Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016
Slyfox will be there, looking forward to catching up with everyone again, see you at tincan
Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016
A few more starters; Apache, Touché, Steel Away, Hart Beat.
Now that we have our long weekend back, there is no excuse not to come.
Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016
Looks like 13 starters at this stage . Preliminary entry list on the B2B website .
Regards , Brent
Brent Craig23-Apr-2016  

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