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Prospective buyer of RL 24
Can anyone tell me where to find the builders plate?
Also, the main differences between the MKs?
Max P9-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Prospective buyer of RL 24
Hi max, there is no builders plate, at least not in Australian boats. Many boats have been modified over the years but if you look in the RL story it will give you some idea. For example, my '24 was a MK 3 but with a MK4 fit out.
Cheers Martyn
martyn9-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Prospective buyer of RL 24
Thanks, in that case how can I find out what year the hull was built?
Max P10-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Prospective buyer of RL 24
This page has sail numbers and year of manufacture at the bottom.


RL24 Mk 3s are probably the better yacht to find for cruising.

The RL24 Mk4 with drop keel and skiff rig is the most efficient yacht for racing.

There are many early RLs with modifications that can be a benifit or a burden depending on how skilled the owner did the work.

Remember a new tilt trailer for an RL24 is $5000 so trailer condition is important. Most oldor original trailers are stuffed and not rated to carry the RL's weight so the trailer is a big issue. Many owners underestimate the problems of old trailers when buying yachts.

A old yacht on a stuffed trailer is not worth buying. Good older yachts on reasonable old trailers sell for over $6k. I have not seen many late model RLs on excellent trailers for sale, I own one but it won't be sold and the market would not pay what I would want.
greg10-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Prospective buyer of RL 24
Thanks for the info Greg, very helpful. That link you posted is the reason I ask about how to identify them. A boat that's for sale is advertised as built in 1979 whih would make it a MK2 (?), but going by that link and the sail number it would be a MK1. What were the earlier versions like in terms of racing?
thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions.
Max P10-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Prospective buyer of RL 24
Mark 1s and 2s had older designed rigs which were less efficient. Many have been refitted with 16 foot skiff rigs which makes them good racers in the right hands.

Mk 4s have a factory skiff rig with no backstay which are definitely efficient to sail.
greg10-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Prospective buyer of RL 24
Mark 1 and 2 RLs are the lightest as they have 30cm less freeboard. This might be a consideration if you wish to race. Ours ( Mark 2) has a 16 ft skiff rig and swing keel. Some have been modified to replace swing keel with a drop keel to improve performance
Ron Kerr17-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 

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