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Replying to:Boat Ballast
I have an RL24 mkIII that had been cleared out converted to a drop keel. For racing its light and good but for cruising it seems to lean a lot more than other RL's. It has been suggested that I put some ballast in the boat to make it more wife and kid friendly. I was going to try about 20-40kilos first to see how it goes and plan to be able to remove it when I am racing. The issue is that two people that I considered had good sailing knowledge have differing opinions on where to place the ballast and not only do they disagree with each other but say the other is counter productive. Person 1. Place the ballast on the floor around or just infront of the keel box. Person 2. On the inside walls above the waterline about the same placement fore to aft as the keel. I cant see how having it against the inside of the boat walls works as half the weight would be on the wrong side of the boat but person 2 swears black and blue its the right way to do it. Any advice or where I should look would be greatly appreciated.