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New Sails
My North sails were great but are looking a bit tired after 10 years. I've never had to buy sails, so does anyone know what this is likely to cost and what is currently fast? Boat is a RL24 running the skiff rig that has been around for a while. I prefer Norths and am interested in their radial dyneema laminate but I'm all ears if there is something faster out there.
Matthew Francis18-May-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Sails
Hi Matthew, It would be interesting to know what mast you are using. The mast that a lot of boats have been using for the last 15+ years have been Gold Spars. North Sails are still the ones leading both the swing keel and drop keel fleets on Gold Spars at the Nationals. North Sydney have done quite a bit of developing over the years and the latest suits carry a fat head main. If you talk to Michael Coxon at North in Sydney he will be able to advise you on a new suit for your needs depending on your mast. If you would like any other info please feel free to email me. Attached is a pic that shows the 2 boats (in the foreground) with the latest North setup
Darryn24-May-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Sails
Thanks Darryn
It would indeed be interesting. The boat is Big Deal and the mast is a bit of an unknown. It is one piece and has no markings but is fairly flexy and behaves similarly to Goldspars I have used in Contenders. The previous owner likened it to a Dehavilland section. That's all we know.
Thanks for the photo. I understand 199 has done very well with the fat head rig and I would like to try it if my rig is compatible. Will have a chat with Mr Coxon and see what he says. At least the jib and spinnaker will be easy.
Matthew Francis3-Jun-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Sails

Big Deal was one of the RL24's built in WA so I think she would probably have a mast that was made in that State.

Matthew, be aware that the RL24 class as it stands is not rated or registered as a YA CBH one design class. You therefore have an option of taking 'Big Deal' away from the standard 20:20 rig class rules if this fits in with Lake Burley Griffin weather and your crewing arrangements. Perhaps you should have 'Big Deal ' fitted out with a complete larger North Sails rig (mast and sails) and then have her weighed, measured and rated to the new Yachting Association Trailer Yacht CBH rule.

You should be aware that the previous owner was wrongly advised on the drop keel length from the class association and your keel length is shorter than other converted drop keel RL24's. By remeasuring your boat to the new YA rule you will gain a benefit from this.

Matthew, you have done a great job up there in Canberra by representing the RL24 class over the years. You have always finished at the top end of the large and hot TY division

Well done

Alastair Russell8-Jun-2015    Edit    Delete 

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