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Anchoring and RL24
I was out in the Sandy Straits for a week recently and noticed that the boat tended to be uncomfortable at anchor in what could be called good anchoring conditions. (in a creek no problem) With light winds and a small amount of swell there was a lot of slapping at the stern of the boat and it tended to weave around a fair bit. I lowered the keel and tiller blade and that helped though not a lot.Plainly I need some advice about how to make the boat sit at anchor better.
Any thoughts?

Peter Brigg30-Apr-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Anchoring and RL24
For soft bottoms we use a Fortress FX7 anchor with a few meters of chain and 50 meters of 9mm nylon rope off the bow.

When wind and waves push the hull around uncomfortably, we set a light stern anchor holding the bow into the waves for comfort. We leave the stern anchor on a short tackle so it will drag if the conditions get stronger.

The high penetration bow anchor works well with the stretch of the nylon rope to maintain holding force while avoiding jerks and shocks that can make the yacht uncomfortable.

It took some experimentation at deeper more exposed anchorages but using the stern anchor to hold the bow into the waves is a good start.

Small yachts sailing about there anchor is very common and does get tedious after a few nights.

Getting rolled out of the quarter berth by waves when your deep asleep is not fun either.

The best thing is to stick with well protected anchorages with light yachts like the RL24.
Greg3-May-2015    Edit    Delete 

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