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Hi Michael, tried to reply to 'mail but the address wasn't recognised, plans are afoot for this to happen but not for a while, too tired from doing what we have.
Regards Martyn
Martyn3-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
Thanks Martyn...my wife and I are new to sailing...from looking at forums I can see that selecting a suitable tender for a 28 foot yacht can be problematic...with regard to storage and weight of tender...I was looking at a hypalon tender...2.6m at 48 kgs...but was told that this would be too heavy a weight to carry on a davit for an RL 28...any advice welcome...Michael Cowan
Michael Cowan9-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
has anyone mounted davits? any photos.
my new 2.5m inflatable tender is only about 22kg so it should be possible.

alister9-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
I was recommended a Highfield 2.4m Ultralight in Hypalon at 27 kilos...very expensive tender...I want to use a tender for fishing...so the hypalon fabric is strong with regard to fish hooks...my wife and I are new to sailing...and the RL 28...it would be good to hear from an experienced sailor with some advice on davits on a 28 foot yacht...Cheers...Michael

Michael 11-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
Spam filter keep blocking the direct link. But would something like this be more practical?
Daveinet11-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
Davits were never anticipated when designing the RL28, and I would consider that the stern sections of the boat are neither bouyant nor wide enough to accomodate a tender hanging on davits, also the weight of a tender at that hieght would effect stability and sailing performance would be badly effected because of the added wind resistance. finally why would you need a tender when the boat only draws 60Cm ?
Rob Legg12-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
Hi Rob, once again you've saved me a lot of wasted time and effort. Officially davits are off the agenda, the reason they were being considered is that at some places we anchor there is no suitable surface for beaching Allegretto and the puppy (Fleur) needs a comfort stop! towing has been fine so far, I guess we'll keep doing that.
Cheers Martyn
martyn13-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
The odd times that I did tow a small dinghy I found that by bringing it right up close to the rudder on a bridle tied to each side of the pushpit that it did track much better, was not effected by waves as much and appeared to have less tension on the tow rope. Worth a try.

Rob Legg13-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Davits
As Daveinet suggests, the Porta-Bote is worth considering. I kept mine folded up inside the boat beside the portside seat. This is only possible with the 8 foot boat. The only disadvantage is that they are very expensive but they do outlast any inflatable.

We used the dinghy to go ashore at places like Canaipa where wading through slimy mud, even half a metre deep, was unappealing. The dinghy could scrape right up to where the sand started.

As we never had far to go I didn't have an outboard, and that is an advantage of the Porta-Bote - they row quite well.

Keith Merkley15-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 

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