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Replying to:Is there a future for foils on the RL24?
One day not too far away, someone will add foils to enhance the performance of an RL24 and the current rules would appear to allow it. I have watched with great interest over the last two seasons the developments in the moth class, then the massive Americas cup catamarans and their sensational increase in performance, and now much closer to our type of boat a Laser dinghy has increased its performance also. Foils do have an infinitely better lift to drag ratio than the forward section of a conventional hull, and any boat that can exceed the normal displacement speed for its length should be able to gain an advantage using foils. A single horizontal foil sliding from a housing that runs across the interior, and is just forward of the keel case and below the water line should add considerable lift to the forward section of the boat and being outboard to leeward then the lift developed would also add to the sail carrying capacity provided that the boat was sailed with little heel. There would be no problem with nose diving as with the more extreme boats nor would the foil interfere with the accomodation or the outward appearance of the hull. Is there a future for foils assisting on a RL24? I just wish that I were 20 years younger.