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Replying to:RL28 Roof Vents/Hatches & houdini front hatch & sails
Hi. I have purchased an RL28 and haven't picked it up yet but noticed that the little rectangular hatches/vents on the roof are mis-matched and also in poor condition. What make and model were the originals and is there a newer make and model that are a straight swap for the old ones? also the houdini hatch is impossible to close from the inside (has a single handle setup for closing)and I suspect it leaks as the seals are rock hard. I would like to replace with a hatch that has the two swivel handles to close to give a better seal and some redundancy as well. I gather they are the houdini 500 superhatch (from reading these forums). Is there an alternative hatch that fits the same space? The price for the houdini in australia is over $800 and I can get them in the UK for about $370 plus delivery. If I can get something here that will do the job it would be better all round. I want to make sure we are water tight asap. as for the sails, is there a sail maker in QLD that will have the correct sail patterns for the RL28? I would prefer to source them from someone who has made them before and already has all the measurements etc. thanks in advance and I will provide more info once I have the boat at home. regards alister