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Replying to:RL 28 Cast Iron Keel Coating
The cast iron keel on my RL28 needs attention on next slipping. I plan to sand/grind/wire brush it back to metal and then apply appropriate coating/s. I am not planning to drop it out of the boat as that is just too much effort. I am hoping that the main problems are accessible with the keel fully extended. What I donít know is what is to coat it with. Someone once suggested rust converter first and then a two part epoxy. Is this the best approach? What epoxy pains are available for this application? PS .... 1 I have found a product called POR15 that is available here that may do the trick. Does anyone have experience in this product? I found it from a blog where someone had repaired a wing heel (iron) on a larger yacht. It is a paint with all sorts of penetrating and bonding claims. Says it can be applied to steel keels and any other metal. Bit of a prep process but there would have to be with any of this. Aussie Web site: http://por15.com.au/ 2. Another blog recommended at least 3 coats of Zinc Chromate paint and then coating/troweling on an Epoxy Glue compound and sanding smooth. Not so keen on that. Thanks