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Replying to:Status 580 Mast support
Hi, I'm looking at a Status 580 but found rot in the form ply(?) under the mast support just forward of the swing keel. The rot extends forward until approximately halfway under the 'cabin' area. Just forward of the keel, the port and starboard tanks have holed, as well as the two tanks between the forward inspection ports. I'm trying to determine if this rot is a deal breaker or worth persevering with, so question time. 1. I presume there needs to be structural support under the mast support, can I repair this 'rot' with another mast support, or is ply and epoxy/fibreglass the only way? 2. Do the tanks need to be sealed off from each other to maintain safety? 3. Is this a common problem? If so can I repair this with out cutting up the floor and using smaller strips of repair material through the inspection ports? 4. I presume the original damage occurred from leaking around the keel pivot bolt, what is the best method to prevent a reoccurrence? Thanks in advance. Pete.