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To All RL24 Sailors

Hello fellow RL24 Sailors,
My name is Darryn Dyer president of the RL24 Owners association of Australia.
I am sending this email to let you know more about the up and coming RL24 nationals at Southport on the Gold Coast. Some of you who sailed the Bay to Bay this year may have met me sailing with Andrew Pike on Slyfox.
I would like to encourage you to come and join in the fun of sailing RL24 nationals. I have been sailing RL24ís since the 70ís and still enjoy the performance and the family association of the class. I brain washed my 2 kids into sailing at a young age and at 21 & 18 they still sail with me. They have been attending RL24 nationals their whole life and still do whatever they can to ensure they make the nationals each year. There are about another 3 or 4 Victorian families like this.
Nationals have been mainly sailed in Victoria over the past 15 years as there has been little if any support from other states. Our last nationals at Mannering Park NSW indicated that the class was showing strength again in QLD, this led us to give these nationals in QLD a try again so letís build the numbers and get a true national competition happening again.
This is the first time the Nationals have been back to QLD in the last 10 years so I call on all NSW & QLD RL24 sailors to get involved and make the most of it. Thereís no better racing than class racing to learn about your boat and sharpen your skills. Iím sure if we get good support in Southport that we are likely to be back to northern NSW and QLD in the near future.
For all of you who are thinking of attending, the whole event is managed by the Southport YC and is a part of the Sail Paradise regatta. You need to go to the Sail Paradise website to retrieve the NOR and to enter. Entry is via the Sail Paradise website and there is a late entry fee, so get in ASAP before the 17th December or it will cost you an extra $50:00. You will also need to become a member of the RL24 Owners Association of Australia, the application form can be found on the RL website.
I would like to encourage as many NSW & QLDerís as possible to enter ASAP as I am hearing some Victorian sailors, saying that they donít intend to spend time and money travelling to QLD to only sail against fellow Victorians (this has happened before, once bit twice shy I suppose). They will be happy to enter once they see that the entries are coming in from the northern states. As yet there are only 2 boats entered, both Victorian boats.
Please consider supporting these nationals and help the class to progress.
For further information you can contact Southport YC, or contact me at home on 03 51447171 mobile 0409338916
Thanks Darryn Dyer

Darryn Dyer 28-Nov-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: Call to ALL RL24 SAILORS
My mum and I headed down to the Runaway Bay yacht squadron the other day and spoke to a man working on his RL, it looks like there are a few entering from there, he was very keen. Will head down there again with dad and give it a push, but I was under the impression that they were all entering.
Jenni 1-Dec-2010    Edit    Delete 

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