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rudder dimensions for RL 24
I have a 1982 US built RL 24 that has had some modifications made to it by previous owner(s). One of the modifications made was to change the rudder and tiller which need replacing. I have several questions.

Are there any available drawings or written dimensions for the original rudder? I have looked at the drawing for the RL 28 and 1.7 meters seems a bit long to me (but I'm not a naval architect either).

Are there other boats that would have a comparable rudder? A member of my yacht club suggested using a stock rudder for a J-24. If there are other stock models that will work is there a formula I can use to determine if a rudder will work effectively?
Scott Lee 24-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24
I don't have a drawing of the RL24 rudder. The RL28 drawing was done by measuring my rudder when it was removed for maintenance. Regarding the length, remember the RL28 rudder extends to the top of the transom, hence the length may seem longer than necessary. It is a lifting rudder, not swing.

If no one can supply a rudder drawing, you could scale the rudder size from the cross sectional drawing and be reasonably close.

If starting from scratch, you could build it as either a swing or lifting rudder. Lifting is probably easier to construct, and it has less wobble in the rudder block, but not so good for shallow water as it takes time to lift and pin.
Keith Merkley 24-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24
A picture of modified drop rudder that you could copy is attached. As you can see it has been fashioned from timber and the rudder block is square aluminium tubing. A cutting board has been shaped as a guide at the bottom of the rudder block to create a tight fitting guide. The rudder is 1530 x 330 x 35 mm and it extends 930 mm from the bottom of the transom.
Keith Merkley 25-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24
305 has a similar arrangement to the previous post, although out of welded stainless. A useful addition was to include some lateral holes in the blade (duly epoxied) so that one can use a suitable length of dowel to give different rudder lengths - useful in the shallows under motor.
John Heddles 26-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24
RL434 has a factory fitted drop rudder I do not have a photo handy.

The factory rudder mounts on pintle brackets per the photo above. The rudder handle is 32mm dia alluminum tube bent to clear the outboard in the well. The rudder upright apears to be 32mm X32mm square with the pintle hinges welded on the forward edge and the side plates welded on each side top and bottom. The side plates bent out of 25mm X 25mm aluminium in U shape with the back of the box left open.

The rudder blade sits in the box with large bungy rigged across the back of the box top and bottom and a chord to tension the bungy lead under the handle to a hook about 500mm behind the grip part of the handle.

The blade sits between the side plates with a 6mm pin used to set hieghts when the blade is raised.

I would suggest a second hand drop dagger from a large dingy would be a good alternative for the RL rudder blade.

The RL24 rudder blade needs to be long to give good control when the boat is heeled.

The J24 rudder would be more trouble than its worth, they are not efficient and cavitate too easily.
Greg 26-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24
I have an RL28 rudder on my '24, it has a similar 'box as shown however it has an open end at the rear which is laced with shock cord. This alows the rudder to move when sand or anthing is struck. A longer rudder will help in a broach.
Regards Martyn
martyn 28-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 

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