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Hi all, rigged two bits of rock maple to pushpit with saddle clamps drilled holes for rowlocks and bushed same with brass tube, launched in small local lake that is too shallow for sailing and was pleased with the result, rowed very well forward and reverse which will be handy for backing into a bank, dont know how this would go in a seaway or if it was windy cos the water was flat and no wind but would have to be better than a paddle, oars are about 7 feet long and i am going to work out a way to use one as a mast crutch when raising and lowering the mast. cheers Jim
Jim Boyd 27-Nov-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: rowing
Jim I have been keen to try sculling as a means of manual propulsion. Sculling was a common method of moving heavy boats.

Greg 29-Nov-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: rowing
Hi Greg, thanks for the link, very interesting reading i did not realise its possible to scull backwards [if you know how of course] a few years ago i tried sculling my fairly heavy fishing boat without succes so glassed some rowlock blocks near the transom and use oars to reverse into a shore if i am not sure of the absence of rocks, also to take grandkids on our suburban lakes where motors are a no no, have seen footage of heavy hulls being sculled and like most things in life those that can make it look easy. cheers Jim
Jim Boyd 30-Nov-2009    Edit    Delete 

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