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Alternative rigs
Hi all. Still have not launched my wee ship yet due to an unscheduled dismount from my daughters horse [fell off] did major damage to left shoulder which has kept me inactive, anyway post op and on the mend and hope to be sailing [learning] before xmas. Have been reading a lot of cruising articles and finding out the pros and cons of different rigs and reckon a short mast stepped thru forehatch and braced on the samson post and the tabernacle with a cat rig might work[ignorance can sometimes be bliss], i apologise to Rob Legg for suggesting his racehorse be set to a plow but read somewhere that a bermuda sailed badly is worse than a lesser rig sailed well, anyway just curious if any RL cruiser has tried an alernative setup. cheers jim. p.s what about rowing with rowlocks near the pushpit maybe my naivete again but i reckon thats very doable in a RL24 and would at times be very handy.
Jim Boyd 1-Nov-2009    Edit    Delete 

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