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Anti-fouling an RL28
After enjoying many swims over summer and employing a little effort with a scrubbing brush I have managed to keep Swan’s bottom reasonably clean even though it might be a year over due for an anti-foul.

Now have it booked on the slip in a few weeks I have to work out what to do. So any advice or comments would be very welcome.

I currently plan to use International Micron Extra. At $244 / 4 litres, can I get away with one tin to do 2 coats over most of the bottom with a 3rd as advised on the leading edges, near the waterline and in the outboard well?

Do I need to do faces of the centre board or just the bit that is exposed to the water when up?

Is Micron Extra the right choice for Brisbane moored in Manly?
How much sanding of the surface is required? Do I take off all of the existing anti-foul paint or just give it a quick going over?

How would I know if the surface will need priming – is that likely?

Russell Rogers18-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Anti-fouling an RL28
My experience over 20 years of RL28 maintenance is this.
4 litres will just manage 2 coats. I have used International Coppercoat (ablative) but assume Micron Extra would be as good or better. Use Interspeed (for aluminium) inside and outside perimeter of O/B well. I have recently antifouled all of the plate but usually just paint the leading edge as there is little growth if the plate is stored up in the case. Check it this time as the plate is shaped and works noticably better when clean.
How much sanding and the need for primer will depend on what A/F is on now and the condition of the hull. Someone at the slip may be able to advise on this.
Michael Oakley19-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Anti-fouling an RL28
Thanks Michael - good advice.
Interesting you mention the aluminium around the outboard well. No one else including the previous owner mentioned that. I wonder if it would have been primed and painted well enough for the Aluminium to have been sealed up enough not to react with the copper in the paint or if there is a problem sitting there corroding. I will pursue that issue further.
I have also been advised by the previous owner to get 2 cans - lot of extra expense for possible a small amount of extra paint that is required. Wonder if I can return the additional one if it is not needed of if it will last 12-18 months after opening.
Thanks again.
Russell Rogers20-May-2009    Edit    Delete 

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