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Replying to:Rigging- R.L. 24 Mark1
Need some advice in regards to the inner forestays in relation to raising and lowering the mast. I have purchased outfit about 6 months ago and have been completly refurbishing from stratch and am now up to running gear,The rig appears to be the "rotating mast" concept with the inner forestays attached to the mast top & bottom with the mast "sitting" on a single pin at the mast step, consequently when raising and lowing the mast there is no prevention of the mast against sideways drift as the outer forestay dont take-up until the mast is nearly vertical. Previous trailer sailers we have had, the inner forestays were fitted to the decks and in line to the mast thus preventing this problem. My question is, will this affect the present "Rig" and what reccomendations are out there as surely other owners have had this problem??