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Replying to:Head Liner for Cabin
Have been scanning some older messages and looking for an update on anyone who has put in a new headliner in the cabin. I know Bias Boating have a carpet like material for about $40/m (2m wide). I think this is a much finer carpet than the shaggy stuff on now. But I was wondering if there is a "smoother" vinyl like covering that might do the job and look more like a modern production boat. There is moisture on the existing carpet under deck fittings (winch & jammers) and under a side window after rain or washing so will need to do some sealing work first. Anything else that I need to be aware of? The headliner in the RL28s really put me off them for a long time. When it looks good it is ok except so, so 70s; they should have included 12v lava lamps as well (sorry Rob). I guess it did the job well enough at the time. But RL28s are of an age now that I expect many are mildewed and discoloured so I suspect this is a very common issue.