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Boom problems! Need help!
I am puting a 1981 RL24 back together (I did not take it apart, I bought it as a mess)and I can not get the boom to stop hitting the top of the cabin. It hangs way too low. What am I doing wrong or not doing? If you have advice or pictures I sould love to hear from someone who can help. Thanks, Bill
Bill Sweers    Edit    Delete 
Re: Boom problems! Need help!
Could be a number of things. Some obvious, some not:

Main not hoisted to top of mast.
Mast not correct length.(8.3m maximum, measured from cabin top to centre line of halyard sheave).
Excessive mast rake.(try 15cm)
Main leech too long (wrong sail)

FWIW I'd expect the boom to be parallel to the deck and clearing the cabin roof by about 30-40cm.

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