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Replying to:Reply to Alistair (contiued)
Allistair, the RL24 Association is not perfect in every respect and nobody connected with it pretends that it is. However, it is tolerant and accommodating, gracious, loyal and embracing but above all else it is helpful to people in ways that extend far beyond the horizons of sailing. There are many deep relationships within the Association that go back to the day Rob began pushing boats out of the Shark Cat factory. It harbours not a shred of exclusivity within its collective psyche but rather is a broad church which seeks simply to encourage people of like mind to enjoy their RL24 and, within the limitations imposed by volunteerism, it tries to promote the interests of their Class of choice. It hurts when we are accused of conspiratorial behaviour and some petty form of bureaucratic incompetence by people outside the tent. Ross.