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** Survey on motors used in RLs **
Following on from Ken Fraser's questions on the suitability of motors for his RL28, there is now a survey where you can enter details on your motor. Later a summary will be available to show the favoured motors for the various RLs.

The survey can be found here.
Keith Merkley4-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: ** Survey on motors used in RLs **
Ariel RL193 MkII(prev. The Other Woman) came with 7.5 hp mercury short shaft mounted on transom. ( won't fit in well) I am currently investigating an alternative. I am particularly interested in any comments on transom versus well. Currently leaning toward 5hp 2 stroke long shaft on transom and block off well completely with cockpit drains through transom. However, I am very interested to see the results of the survey and any comments made.
Peter Norman8-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: ** Survey on motors used in RLs **
If you search on outboard you will find a lot of information on different peoples opinions.

I hav a 5hp Mariner short shaft 2 stroke with high thrust prop in the well of my RL24 Mk 4 which has the motor mount in the forward position.

Quality of the Tohatsu made Mariner is nothing to brag about but it goes very well and I would buy the same again.

As for motors out over the stern, no good in big waves, difficult to get to and shift gears etc and hopeless unless your happy to climb out the back while steering and managing the yacht. The well is one of the best features of RL yachts.
Greg10-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 

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