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Want to buy.RL34.Also Info about them.&experiences from current or former owners.
As a current sattisfied owner of a RL24 & RL28 I am thinking of upgrading to a RL34.I would welcome any! infomation about them outside the little on these web pages.When were they made?Is it possible to keep one on a trailer? {I plan to keep it on the hardstand @ Fremantle Sailing Club }if practical.I have not heard much about them.Were they a sucssessful seller?Do they sail well.Are they fast?How do they compare with RL28,s? or same size fixed keel boats? From the web page it,s hard to see how u access the rear cabin area.Do they suffer from the rounding up problem of RL28,s?Can u sail them single handed like a 28?What short comings do they suffer from?Is the 17hp Volvo deisel motor adequate to push her through 2 metre seas {I use a 15hp outboard Mercury on my RL28,although I know a 9.9hp is considered adequate.} If preferred a phone call would b helpful I,m in W.A. 0438543691.

Neil Ensor 22-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
Neil-I upgraded from the RL28 (which I sold to a couple from Perth)approximately 12 months ago.The boat was primarily used to sail the lower Murray lakes and week long trips down to kangaroo Island. My RL34 has the centre cockpit and the previous owner had lifted the roof on the rear cabin so that it was roughly as high as the main deck cabin.It also has a slide hatch for access.in reality it is used like a "shed" On a recent trip to Thistle island over 10 days in october we found the extra storage space invaluable although having all the spare weight aft probably didn't do too much for then trim (But what the heck we were motor sailing most of the way to keep our speed up anyway)I think they are a better sea boat than the 28-or maybe larger feels stronger?-but the extra room in the main cabin and the fully self contained head and for'ard cabin adds a lot to the pleasure of sailing. I have a self tacking headsail and added an autohelm 4000 and last weekend took the boat out for a single handed sail-thru the lock at Glenelg SA and back in again without drama (although you would have to be carefull if the wind picked up on re entry to the berth).-I have an 18hp volvo and whilst it drives the boat OK-I would prefer an extra knot or 2.(having said that- we spent a week of the recent 10 day trip in 30knots-some of it on the nose and we did manage to get ourselves to anchor each time --eventually!!) I am very keen to get hold of a trailer for the 34 as I have uses both in freshwater and sea so if you come across any where to obtain one I am interested. Phone No Bus 088 359 2599 Mob 0416 111 440 regards

Phil Eley

Philip Eley 18-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Thanks for the reply retrieved 27/2/02
Thanks, Phil I,d be interested to get in touch with the couple who bought your boat do you have a contact number.ensorneil@hotmail.com New work mobile now 0407996340.
Neil Ensor 27-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Re: Want to buy.RL34.Also Info about them.&experiences from current or former owners.
actually as the previous owner of c-nymph i cant emphasise enough the improvements made by a new efficient and longer rudder! the standard design when the boat heels ends up with about 6 inches working in the water and consequential uncontrollable rounding up!i also fitted a self tacking headsail. the cabin on the boat was actually new, not the old one raised ,robb legg used the front section of an rl24 turning the cabin into something much more usable1
rob robinson 23-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 

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