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Re: Status 580 sale
my Status 580 (original good condition, incl centreboard, for sale, ph 07 3269 1562, Brisbane.
arthur powell16-Jan-2009  
Re: Status 580 Championships
Status 580 event, Jan 22/23 2011, Mannering Park ASC, NSW Central Coast, sailing for fun, not sheep stations, this may become an annual event. We have 3 boats at this club with members seeking more. Cheap accom/camping avail. Ph Darcy 02 43591729 for details.
darcy wilson5-Dec-2010  
Re: Status 580
Hi My son and I have invested in a Status 580. We have stripped and cleaned and just about ready for fitting and rigging... Can any one please direct us to a manual on the deck fittings and how to rig the mask and ropas please.

Thanks... Trisha / Craig
trisha morgan10-Apr-2011  
Re: Status 580 Championships
Hi there Status 580/19 owners. I am the proud owner of one of these beautiful vessels and compete regularly against 4 RL24's at our little yacht club at Augusta WA. This boat is a beauty and much admired by everone in the club. These boats are quite rare in WA but if anyone is over here with their trailer sailer you would be more than welcome to join us at AYC. Very casual but lots of fun.
Brenton Air Commodore AYC
Brenton Air11-Apr-2011  
Re: Status 19ft. rudder system need pictures of set up can any person advice
Hi Again, My status is up and sailing GREAT; Just need some more tips for the Rudder system... OK,... to lower down into water... But need to design a more Female User Friendly way up bring it up.

Can any one place photo in internet so i possible expands my ideas of improving the rudder system.

Trisha and Craig
trisha morgan2-Sep-2011  

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