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Any info on RL 34 Shoal Draft keel
I would appreciate any info on any disadvatages of sailing with the shoal draft keel (4' Draft). I am considering sailing the east coast of Queensland and am concerned how it would perform in weather without the drop keel.
Dennis Macready30-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Any info on RL 34 Shoal Draft keel
Hi there,

I just spent 6 months cruising in a RL34 with a drop keel.

My advice? get rid of it!

Essentially, we found that the drop keel was extraneous for two reasons: the RL34 is not the best into the wind and we found it was better to motor into the wind anyway, and also if we did drop the keel, the only noticable effect was hearing it clunking.

Having said that, I reakon you'd be hard pressed to find a better boat for such a trip. The shoal draft means you can get into anchorages other yachts can't, and makes bar crossings a breeze.

Go for it and have a great time.

Chris Tulloch13-Jan-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Any info on RL 34 Shoal Draft keel
i would disagree, the centreboard made a huge difference ,tacking to windward.i had mine faired and then packed the top of the inside of the case with the special plastic they use on boat skids, (you do have to take care to keep some tolerance or it can jam )to stop the banging around.when i purchased c-nymph and sailed her for a year at airlie beach, she had the shoal fixed keel, which was(and robb legg will confirm, i hope)fitted with a bolt on 12 inch extension.after removing the fixed keel and fitting the new stub keel with the board she was hugely better to windward!especially when heeled in a strong breeze.
rob robinson23-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 

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