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Replying to:Replacing the bow-roller and supporting plate on RL28
The alloy bow-roller (with supporting / mounting plate) has cracked on Jezabel and I'm in the process of replacing it. I have a few questions of anyone who has dabbled with this task. 1) Is it reasonable to replace this alloy assembly with marine grade stainless? (rather than alloy) If so, any recommendations for Stainless fabrication around Brisbane? 2) The whole assembly appears to be held by just two countersunk stainless bolts which had captive nuts below the deck - these nuts being set in fibreglass - with silicone between the roller plate and the deck. The roller 'plate' seems to lock back in place over the point of the bow and against the port and starboard aluminium rails. I had to drill out one of the bolts which sheared and the other nut is not recoverable. 3) I'm thinking of refastening a new (slightly larger plate and roller with two new bolts, passing through two new holes - each hole being about 30mm astern of the original holes. These holes may be just forward of the strengthener for the cleat which runs under the deck. Any likely problems? The force exerted on the roller by two+ tonnes of RL28 pitching in a rough sea must be quite high. Hence my surprise that only two bolts (about 8mm) and silicone secure it. There's usually a reason, so I'm also curious as to why the nuts below the deck were made captive in a covering of epoxy? All thoughts greatly appreciated.... Cheers, Phil