RL24, RL28, and RL34 Trailable Yachts
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A pic from the Bay to Bay.

By my count there were 17 RL24SK's, 3 DK's and one or two 28's.  That was a good roll up (every 6th boat was an RL) in what was the smallest fleet for many years, 120 odd. The lack of a public holiday has had an effect.

The pic shows Chill Ouat leading Apache (partly obscured) and Steel Away making their way across Sheridan Flats on Sunday morning. This was the only easy spinnaker run in the whole race. Winds were SW or thereabouts all weekend, 15 to 20 on Saturday, sometimes lighter on Sunday. The odd gust kept everyone on their toes.Blue Tac won the RL challenge, others to perform well  on PBH were Dopamine and Steel Away.

Full results should be on the HBSC web site shortly.

The RL24, RL28 and the RL34 were designed by Rob Legg on Queensland's Gold Coast

Equally at home in light airs of inland waters or out on the rugged coastal waters, these yachts have proven performance and safety features.

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Upcoming Events

2014/5 Nationals

The 42nd RL24 National Championship will be held at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in January. Here’s the preliminary schedule:

Sunday 4th Jan 2015 – 3 short invitation races
Mon 5th – 2 races back to back
Tues 6th – 2 races back to back
Wednesday – lay day (families will be keen to head to the Coast)
Thursday 8th – 2 races back to back
Friday 9th – 1 race with possibility of another if needed

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