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    Replying to:Sail Plan
    I really like thyis idea and am looking forward to production, Rob. This "design by consensus" may have limitations - you may end up with a camel! I think you should stick to your old principle of designing what you would like to sail. Something fast and exhillarating but able to be crewed by a couple of 50 - 60 year olds or a father & son or a Mum & Dad. A lot of ex Tasar, 420, 505 even skiff sailors would love it. I would like to put my 2 bob's worth in for more flare to the topsides or fold out hiking tramps and a flat top main with a short foot. I have one in my RL24 and it means less healing force as the square top bleeds off gusts but better light air performance, shorter foot therefore more cockpit room and safer jybes. An overlapping genoa on a furler that can be furled in heavier air will give better bottom end performance, where most club sailing occurs, and compete better with those damn Castle 650's! I like your 18 sq m basic area but with an extra 1 -2 sq m in the genoa might help. I still like a swing keel and wonder if laying back the keel partially may help balance the helm with the genoa fully extended. I think this boat will be at least as fast as the RL24SK and could compete alongside at State and National titles. What will you call it? RL20? Adjustable highfield levers on the side stays can be tweeked as preasure increases to bend the mast and flatten the main.