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    Swing or Drop keel
    This is a fantastic idea and may fill a gap that exists for those of us wanting to retire out of RL24s and sail something short handed but still fast. The new American Precision 185 is looking good and is as fast as an RL24SK. I would like to go back a step as I have just found this discussion. As an inland sailor, with weeds and shallows to contend with, I favour a swing keel. I think a bit of market research is required to aim the marketing. Is this boat going to be a new sports boat to be manned by fit gorillas or can it be used as a good introductory boat as well as a good retirement boat? The market at this end is bigger with higher disposable incomes!!!
    Michael Reid4-Apr-2007    Edit    Delete 
    Re: Swing or Drop keel
    As yet nothing is cast in concrete, there is still the option of swing or drop keels, and the Sail plan could be left to develop. Like the 24s, I would like to just put a limit on it, and that leaves it open for improvement. If any professional builder becomes interested, then his ideas must also be considered. Thank you for your input.
    Rob.8-Apr-2007    Edit    Delete 

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