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    Replying to:New boat ideas
    Agree with the well and was wondering if a asymetrical kite launcher / retriever tube would be a feature or neighbour of the well and go thru bulkheads & down side bouyancy? Be great to be able to crew the boat entirely from the cockpit but suspect you've got this covered. Down in Vic its PFD 1 on racing yachts without lifelines regardless of length. (Or PFD 2s in enclosed waters or estuaries which include port phillip & westernport) in my humble opinion small boats don't need lifelines that only make it to "knee high" & are hazardous at best. Given that a good inflatable PFD 1 is well under $100 and pretty well unnoticeable to wear - I wouldn't worry about lifejacket rules as the design progresses. In Vic vessel lengths for PFDS only are applicable to powerboats. Launching at ramps is a complex thing at many Vic locations over the summer when a boat like this would be used alot Ramps are often crowded and launch and retrieve needs to be relatively simple. we have more shallow busy ramps than deep ones! I like the 150 kg swing keel - in a NACA foil section for lift Maybe the design could include a solid "slopper stopper" that locked the keel down and closed of most of the slot for efficiency. Alister's alloy frame that drops in from the top of a latched centre board box seems an efficient way to go. Some foldable (for trailering)alloy frammed "wings" maybe only 500-750 mm wide with soft tramps to sit on would be a bonus..I reckon its a little harder to raise a crew of over 2 these days and moving two people half a metre further outboard would be an advantage , plus its exillerating being over the water and its way more confortable and less slippy than the best shaped & surfaced fibreglass. We have tiny wings on our RL24Mk1 -that are just in board of the gunnels - and every body comments how comfortable and secure they are!- I'll fess up to also fabricating a rather larger swappable pair for the RL for non-serious sailing when there is only Gretta and I ( we have the light plate)and the leverage is a relaxing advantage I reckon a small 4 stk Outboard - say 3.3 or 5 HP should be in the same sort of well as the RL 24. We still occassionaly get away with a 3.3 merc on our Mk1 and have trudged up wind in some horrible squalls because its such a brillaintly efficent set up. These smaller motors have self contained tanks too and thats one less thing to worry about. Best wishes, wayne