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    New boat ideas
    Agree with the well and was wondering if a asymetrical kite launcher / retriever tube would be a feature or neighbour of the well and go thru bulkheads & down side bouyancy? Be great to be able to crew the boat entirely from the cockpit but suspect you've got this covered.

    Down in Vic its PFD 1 on racing yachts without lifelines regardless of length. (Or PFD 2s in enclosed waters or estuaries which include port phillip & westernport) in my humble opinion small boats don't need lifelines that only make it to "knee high" & are hazardous at best.
    Given that a good inflatable PFD 1 is well under $100 and pretty well unnoticeable to wear - I wouldn't worry about lifejacket rules as the design progresses. In Vic vessel lengths for PFDS only are applicable to powerboats.

    Launching at ramps is a complex thing at many Vic locations over the summer when a boat like this would be used alot
    Ramps are often crowded and launch and retrieve needs to be relatively simple. we have more shallow busy ramps than deep ones!
    I like the 150 kg swing keel - in a NACA foil section for lift
    Maybe the design could include a solid "slopper stopper" that locked the keel down and closed of most of the slot for efficiency. Alister's alloy frame that drops in from the top of a latched centre board box seems an efficient way to go.

    Some foldable (for trailering)alloy frammed "wings" maybe only 500-750 mm wide with soft tramps to sit on would be a bonus..I reckon its a little harder to raise a crew of over 2 these days and moving two people half a metre further outboard would be an advantage , plus its exillerating being over the water and its way more confortable and less slippy than the best shaped & surfaced fibreglass. We have tiny wings on our RL24Mk1 -that are just in board of the gunnels - and every body comments how comfortable and secure they are!- I'll fess up to also fabricating a rather larger swappable pair for the RL for non-serious sailing when there is only Gretta and I ( we have the light plate)and the leverage is a relaxing advantage

    I reckon a small 4 stk Outboard - say 3.3 or 5 HP should be in the same sort of well as the RL 24. We still occassionaly get away with a 3.3 merc on our Mk1 and have trudged up wind in some horrible squalls because its such a brillaintly efficent set up. These smaller motors have self contained tanks too and thats one less thing to worry about.
    Best wishes, wayne

    wayne hill3-Sep-2006    Edit    Delete 
    Re: New boat ideas
    Wayne. Thanks for your input, and have taken some of your idears on board. I have given a lot of thought to the swing keel problem and think that there is a solution. I have been away the last three weeks, but things will progress again next week.
    Rob.28-Sep-2006    Edit    Delete 
    Re: New boat ideas
    Rob what do you make of shark skin dimples for the new boat a la golf ball dimples see attachment
    warwick7-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
    Re: New boat ideas
    There are two types of flow around an object. Laminer and turbulent. Laminar flow has much less drag, but more prone to "separation", and once separation occurs the drag increases dramatically because of the eddies that form in the gap. "Turbulent" flow has more drag initally but also better adhesion, and therefore is less prone to separation. Therefore if the shape of an object is such that separation occurs easily, it is better to turbulate the boundary layer in order to increase adhesion and reduce eddies. Thus the dimples on a golf ball turbulate the boundry layer to advantage.
    But in the case of a sailing boat with fair lines and operating at low speeds a laminar flow can be achieved over most of the surface, provided the surface is smooth. This is in contrast to high speed stepped hydroplanes, and fast chine built power boats.
    Rob19-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 

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