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    Work is progressing well on the new design, BUT it is decision time on a few options.

    The keel could have a bulb of 120 kg, or 100 kg fully retractable, with lead in only bottom half. The bulb option would mean a float-on trailer, but with the fully retractable keel, this would not be necessary.

    In a 20 foot boat are the seats better in the cockpit. or is it preferable to sit on deck?

    What about a forward well? (A retractable bow sprit could run through this).

    What are your thoughts?

    Rob Legg.

    Rob Legg22-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
    Re: Decisions...Decisions...outboard
    either the spider 24 or 28 has this set up
    kevin troy 24-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
    Re: Decisions...Decisions...
    I always liked the curved side decks of the Beneteaus angled to craddle the buttocks on the windward side and gave a nice drained area on the leaward side.

    New rules require smaller yachts to have safety lines or crew will be dammed to wearing life jackets all the time. Be sure the length is enough to allow the users to avoid wearing jackets.

    There is no substitute for weight in the keel, an extra 50 kg is not going to upset performance and the extra righting moment should suit the brave willing to leave a big kite up a bit longer than the wise. Why not a 150kg swing keel (no bulb) case iron would be fine.

    Love the forward well on the RL24.

    Having the rig forward and a good bimini would be a bonus.
    Greg 24-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 

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