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Wintersun 26-27 JuneChris Conley9-May-2010

Bay to BayMike4-May-2010
      Re: Bay to BayRob Legg5-May-2010
      Re: Bay to BayDarryn Dyer5-May-2010
      Bay to Bay Pictures now availableKeith Merkley6-May-2010
      Re: Bay to Bayjim boyd7-May-2010
      Shen Neng 1 Arrives in Hervey Bay to Late for Bay to Bay Race!!!!!Alastair 11-May-2010
      Re: Bay to BayDavid Pullin12-May-2010
      The Good News is that Sheng Neng1 is now being moved back to Gladstone!Alastair21-May-2010
      Good Feedback on the Bay to Bay RaceAlastair9-Jun-2010

Keel repair on RL28Paul Jacobs29-Apr-2010
      Re: Keel repair on RL28jim boyd30-Apr-2010
      Re: Keel repair on RL28Stuart McPherson17-Jul-2010

rudder dimensions for RL 24Scott Lee24-Apr-2010
      Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24Keith Merkley24-Apr-2010
      Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24Keith Merkley25-Apr-2010
      Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24John Heddles26-Apr-2010
      Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24Greg 26-Apr-2010
      Re: rudder dimensions for RL 24martyn28-Apr-2010

Standing rigging diameter for RL24?Eric Compas17-Apr-2010
      Re: Standing rigging diameter for RL24?Mike21-Apr-2010

RL24 Fixed Keel - maintenance?Greg15-Apr-2010
      Re: RL24 Fixed Keel - maintenance?Greg 215-Apr-2010

rollover in rl 28michae; haining12-Apr-2010
      Re: rollover in rl 28Greg 12-Apr-2010

Combined Race 18 April Manly QueenslandDavid Pullin11-Apr-2010
      Re: Combined Race 18 April Manly QueenslandDavid Pullin22-Apr-2010

rust stainterry mcauliffe9-Apr-2010

Bay to BayMike6-Apr-2010
      Re: Bay to BayAndrew8-Apr-2010
      Re: Bay to BayDavid Pullin8-Apr-2010
      Re: Bay to BayDavid Pullin22-Apr-2010
      Re: Bay to BayJenni Buckley nee Le26-Apr-2010

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