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Taking water - your comments appreciatedHal Murray (in the U2-Sep-2001

RL24 Keel RemovalNigel Pilgrim20-Aug-2001
      RL24 keelGary Ironside29-Aug-2001

rudderAnthony Main19-Aug-2001
      Rudder replacement,swing, using Cattalina keelNeil Ensor Parkwood,9-Oct-2001
      replacement rudder for rl24.Delete catalina above replace tornado catermaran! neil ensor31-Oct-2001
      Rudder- swingwayne hill2-Nov-2001
      3 rd time lucky!!!!!! It was actually an Eyvonne catamaranNeil Ensor23-Dec-2001

MastGraeme Barber14-Aug-2001

mounting a transducersimon marcus11-Aug-2001
      re: mounting a transducerKeith Merkley12-Aug-2001
      mounting a transducerGarry 2-Dec-2001

RL 28 - specifications of the swing keel?Geoffrey Cooper26-Jul-2001
      RL 28 - specifications of the swing keel? Brendan Bradley26-Jul-2001
      The swing keelKevin Russell16-Oct-2001
      kill for RL28Peter Z26-Aug-2001
      Keel for RL28Phil Macqueen4-Apr-2002

Looking at buying a Mk.1John McCulloch16-Jul-2001
      Purchasing RL mk1Rob Ritchie19-Jul-2001
      How do you identify the difference between a mk1 mk2 mk3. rl24 alsorl28,sNeil Ensor9-Oct-2001
      RL24skevin troy10-Oct-2001
      Thanks for response,Kevin,I,m a computer virgin also at 51 but learning quickly. neil ensor22-Oct-2001

Cruisingwayne Hill13-Jul-2001
      CruisingRob Ritchie19-Jul-2001
      cruisingwayne hill22-Jul-2001
      CruisingRob Ritchie29-Jul-2001
      cruisingIan Owles18-May-2002

RL24 swing keel specifications & trailer drawingsGary Ironside11-Jul-2001

RL24 Locking a swing keel John Jenkins28-Jun-2001
      keel lock downdave3-Jul-2001
      Keel Lock DownBob Neiman11-Jan-2002

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