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RL28 DecalsJohn Billing26-May-2004
      decals for 28ssteve27-May-2004

IJPE Dimensions US measurementsPaul J Kniss26-May-2004
      SailsJames Shannon26-May-2004
      IJPE DimensionsPaul J Kniss26-May-2004

SpinnakersMartyn RL 24 Ambusca25-May-2004
      KitesJames Shannon26-May-2004

weight of boatDave from Derby18-May-2004
      Weight of boatMartyn18-May-2004
      weight rl 24peter tetley20-May-2004
      WeightDave from Derby22-May-2004
      TrailersPeter Tetley15-Jun-2004

      mast raisingmartyn15-May-2004

Toilet Holding TanksJohn Cave12-May-2004
      re: RL28 holding tankKeith Merkley13-May-2004

Toilet Holding TankJohn Billing11-May-2004

RL34rob van elden6-May-2004
      RL34 ratingAlastair Russell25-Jun-2004

Leaks & DampnessTerry Stannus6-May-2004
      Water in Buoyancy TanksBill Post9-May-2004
      water in buoyancy tankspeter tetley11-May-2004
      Thanks Bill & PeterTerry Stannus12-May-2004
      Inspection Port and drilling hole in Cabin FloorBill Post15-May-2004
      Inspection Port and drilling hole in Cabin Floor Terry Stannus17-May-2004

RL28 galley tank water leakRob4-May-2004
      Question re galley tankPhil Gardam5-May-2004
      galley tank sizeRob Ritchie5-May-2004
      s/steel galley water tankSteve Kelly6-May-2004
      Galley tank removalRob9-May-2004
      Re: RL28 galley tank water leakAlister27-Oct-2015

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