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Episode 6 of the RL28 story is now availableKeith Merkley3-Jun-2005
      Re: Episode 6 of the RL28 story is now availableWayne Hill6-Jun-2005

RL28 Transducer locationRob27-May-2005
      Re: RL28 Transducer locationKeith Merkley29-May-2005

Bent SkegCB Coleman27-May-2005

hand laid fibreglass constructionGuy Miller20-May-2005
      Re: hand laid fibreglass constructionRob Legg.20-May-2005

capacity labelsmike16-May-2005
      Re: capacity labelsjason18-May-2005
      Re: capacity labelsMike19-May-2005
      Re: capacity labelsJason20-May-2005
      Re: capacity labelsNomad20-May-2005
      Re: capacity labels22-May-2005
      Re: capacity labels22-May-2005

gunwaleGuy Miller15-May-2005
      Re: gunwalegreg17-May-2005

towing weightpeter brown12-May-2005
      Re: towing weightjason13-May-2005
      Re: towing weightGreg 13-May-2005
      Re: towing weightGary Head15-May-2005
      Re: towing weightmike barnden16-May-2005
      Re: towing weightphil gardam22-May-2005
      Re: towing weightjason25-May-2005
      Re: towing weightkingsley & Kay White28-May-2005
      Re: towing weightMalcolm Murchison6-Jun-2005

The RL28 StoryKeith Merkley5-May-2005
      Re: The RL28 StoryJason10-May-2005
      Re: The RL28 Story phil gardam22-May-2005

How to refit RL24Gunter Barg3-May-2005

Plenty of RL's at Bay to BayMike Hart1-May-2005
      Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to BayRob2-May-2005
      Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Baymike3-May-2005
      Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to BayKen Donaldson4-May-2005
      Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to BayNomad20-May-2005
      Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to BayKen Donaldson21-May-2005
      Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to BayLorraine31-May-2005

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