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Toilet Holding Tanks
With the new Queensland sewerage discharges rules coming into effect. 1. Is there a way of installing/retro fitting a toilet holding tank system into a RL28? 2. What other options are being considered?
John Cave12-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
re: RL28 holding tank
My interpretation of the new rules are that it is OK if the waste goes through a macerator and the Brydon Boy and similar toilets as fitted to RL28s has a macerator built in. However, I am considering using the toilet base as a holding tank. This fibreglass moulding is intended to raise the toilet above the waterline for safety and would have sufficient volume for several days use. The toilet could pump directly into the base ( a breather would have to be fitted) and another pump could pump into a pick-up location or out through the original valve if in a location far from habitation.

Has anyone tried this?

Keith Merkley13-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Qld's new toilet laws are going to shock a lot of boaties if they ever get around to policing them. Get rid of the toilet and install a porta potti. Either that, or bucket and chuck it. Hospital type bottles (both male and female versions) are now even more useful. The alternative is a chemical treatment plant (around $2000). Macerating is essential but you still can't discharge in smooth waters or nominated areas like Hervey Bay or the Sandy Straits. To add to these problems, there aren't any pump out stations in a lot of the good boating areas. The Govt expects marina owners to provide these out of the goodness of their hearts. Look up the Qld Maritime Safety website and be prepared to drown in legalspeak.
mike25-May-2004    Edit    Delete 

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