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Replying to:Toilet Holding Tank
My RL28 has a leak somewhere in the dunny plumbing, and I end up toenail deep in filtered hops in the cabin near the built in fridge. I do not think it is running in from the forward part where inlet and outlet pipes are located, and my guess is the pipe to the holding tank under the starboard cockpit seat may be the culprit. If I pull the fridge out, do I get to see where the pipe enters the holdng tank, or is there another way to track the pipe and fitting to check for leaks ??? How much gap is there between the floor in the cabin and that actual hull ?? Leakage seems to seep up through the join in the floor moulding right on the centreline of the boat, which makes me think there may be some amount oif it permanently in the gap..whatever that is. Any advice welcome, John