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Replying to:Depth sounder affected by state of battery charge
On my last outing to Tangalooma, my sounder - a Navico DS 200 instrument - did its usual trick of reading "3:93 ft". Not very helpful really... I have had earlier trouble with it - now fixed - caused by a leak in the transducer mounting well. This resulted in low castor oil level and poor "pinging". This week's bad reading seems however to be related to the charging voltage from the Yamaha outboard. I proved this by switching to a lesser charged battery, and by switching on some load on the battery (lights) to drop the voltage. Either of these actions was enough to correct the problem.

So my question... Has anyone else experienced similar problems with (perhaps) the outboard charger reaching too high a voltage (? maybe over 14 volts) or the charging circuit being a bit simple and noisy on outboards compared to alternators? (The 9.9 4 stroke Yamaha just uses a magnet spinning in the flywheel to make its power).

[My two sinkers on the piece of cord seems to work irrespective of battery voltage, doesn't need castor oil, and is very accurate in shallow water].