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Used RL24 MK3 Set of Sails
Is there anyone place online/website with a selection of a good set of used sails for a RL24.
Bob Neiman28-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
used sails
The lack of response to your post is a good indication that there are few good second hand sails out there.

The technology in sails is developing very quickly and any sails older than 3 years old are probably not worth buying.

If you are in need of new sails, I suggest checking out your local sail maker. They can possibly do some cheap maintenance to your existing sails allowing you to save up for a new set.

When ordering sails for light boats like the RLs, it is important to get less draft than sails for heavy boats. Some sailmakers cut sails the same regardless of hull type and this can result in the light boats like the RL becoming tender.

I take it you are from America. There are sketches of sail layouts on this site. The sail maker would need to check your rig before making your sails.


Greg2-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL 24 Used Sails
You're right Greg! Many thanks for your comments. Good Sailing From Port St. Lucie, Florida U.S.A.
Bob Neiman3-May-2004    Edit    Delete 

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