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Swing Keel Winching Line
Yesterday racing on Moreton Bay the winch line for the keel on my RL24 broke. There was some suggestion that we could do away with the wire and use Spectra or something similar! Any thoughts or advice?
Martyn Peasey, ambuscade 1119-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
Swing Keel Winching Line
Dear Martyn,

I replaced my galvanised wire winch line with a similar diameter Spectra line.It has worked well for the past year on Wivenhoe Dam and Moreton Bay.I'm happy with it. Hope this is of use.

Best wishes, Terry Stannus, AWOL

Terry Stannus20-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
Swing Kell Winching Wire
I have always used stainless steel halyard wire. 3 0r 4 mil. (The pully would dictate the size)I have put a winch at the end of the center case, The case had to be cut into a little to accomodate the winch. the wire was then run forward for about one third of the keel, installed a pully at that point, the wire runs through this and is than attached to the keel. I have also installed a clear view inspection port cut into the side of the keel case were the wire is shackeled to the keel and can be changed, replaced, without having to take the top of the keel case. A peace of timber is placed underneath the wire, with glue or silicone, to stop any water sloshing up and leaking through the winch. I have only replaced the wire once in fifteen years and then only as a precaution. I hope this makes sense. If interested I could perhaps send you a drawing
Bill Post21-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
wire/winch for swing keel
I would love to see a drawing or sketch of this method. I have installed a winch on the end of my case also, but haven't solved the problem of water being forced up through the little hole at the end of the case where the wire now enters the c.board case, as that is where all the water pressure is. However your idea of having a pully 1/3 up the case seems to be an excellent idea, as there would be less water pressure at that point, however there would be more weight on the wire when raising and lowering the c/board. Could you please send a sketch of your idea to 45 Page Avenue North Nowra NSW 2541.

Thankyou very much.

Steven Lymbery26-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
winch placement
Hello Steven,

I have a 6mm diam galv wire attached to the aft of the centre plate that is 600mm aft along the plate from the pivot bolt. The plate is raised and lowered using a small 'brake'winch that is mounted vertically above where the wire exits the case. The wire is actually attached above the Centre of Gravity of the plate, so that it can be raised and lowered, in the horizontal plane, out of the bottom of the boat to work on it

In this position no water comes up the hole in the case. There is more load on the winch wire in this position; stainless wire does not take the sudden loads imposed by grounding and sudden take up of the keel weight. The wire loop/thimble shape is let into the back of the keel so that the 6mm stainless shackle goes into thicker cast iron. An access port has been let into the side of the centrecase to get to the shackle/keel joint when it is on the trailer; this is a plastic deck water filler fitting that has been shortened to suit. The system has worked well since I installed it in 1981.


Brian Lawrie, RL 31928-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
Spectra rope
I have used spectra rope on the swing keel of a bounty 25. It lasted in excess of 12 months before I sold the boat. It was suggested to me because stainless cable does not cope well with being bent around a winch and has a tendency to snap.

With the spectra I would look to replace it every 12 months or so to be on the safe side and you should have no trouble.



Grant29-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 

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