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Weatherhelm on RL28 ??
Had my first decent sail in maybe 15 knots, and noticed during stronger gusts, the boat began to round up towards windward of its own accord, and no amount of opposite helm would keep it heading on the original course. Not until the sails were subsatntially eased would it respond to helm. Sails up were full main, and working jib. What am I doing wrong ?? And how to fix ?? Is this even called weatherhelm ?? Regards John
John Billing14-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 
Weather helm in excess
John. We raced a RL28 for many years in all conditions, In freshening winds we followed this sequence to keep the boat in balance. First raise the swing keel about 6cm. Increase tension on mainsail luff and foot. Increase tension on vang and backstay. Set mainsail traveller to full width Ease mainsail in puffs tokeep heeling below 25 degrees At around 25 knots drop in the first reef. Never was the boat hard to steer. It is important that the mast has no more than 20cm rake to start with. Rob Legg.
Rob Legg14-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 

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