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We have an RL24 III. Launching is a breeze off our single axle, non tilt trailer, which supports the front 2/3 of the boat on rollers. The problem is retrieving the thing and getting it to line up on the rollers. Any suggestions to optimise our end of day performances?
Rob Winn5-Feb-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL 24 Retrieving
One option to help keep your boat straight when pulling it ourt of the water is to fit a set of Retrie- Ver-Mate boat loading rollers. They are available from most boat shops,or mail order from Whitworths (Page 68 of their 2000/2001 book). One other option is to fit a couple of sets of wooden runners across the trailer from the side runners to the center rollers.
John Mills6-Feb-2001    Edit    Delete 

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