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RL28 window seals
I am replacing the cabin windows on my 1982 RL28 as they are badly crazed & no longer safe - a bit of hand pressure cracked one! At the same time I thought I should be replacing the rubber seals, as they have hardened & shrunk somewhat, but am having trouble sourcing them (Clark Rubber, chandleries, Supercheap). Has anyone else done the same & can they tell me where they can be bought? Are they maybe just a car window seal? thanks Malcolm Murchison Just Cruisin
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window seals
In case anyone else needs to replace their windows, I eventually found the rubber moulding at a caravan place here on the sunshine coast (CaravanMart). The light grey (only one available) doesn't go too well with the old bronze aluminium, but seals much better than the old ones, so whose complaining, apart from the sore thumbs from forcing it in!

I also found, on the net, a company in Sydney specialising in rubber mouldings - Graham Rubber.

dry sailing

Just Cruisin

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