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RL28 bilge pump(s)
I have 3 manual bilge pumps on my (earlyish) RL28. One is under the v berth, and does the forward bilge. Two are in the port cockpit locker - one for the motor well (it's an inboard) and the other one has an inlet which appears to go forward under the cockpit - does anyone know where this "under cockpit" hose goes to (and how to get to the end)? Chris
chris hanson25-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
bilge pump
the third pump in cockpit could be for toilet waste holding tank?????.
steve25-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL28 bilge pumps
My RL28 has a pipe moulded into the floor from the lowest point, just forward of the centreboard, up to the cockpit locker.

To me the mystery pump is the one under the V berth. Maybe it's there because pumps push better than pulling, so in an emergency you could move more water with less effort. And there is nothing having water creeping up your legs to make you pump harder!

Keith Merkley28-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
bilge pump
Keith - yes, I think it may go to somewhere under the cabin sole, but the sole in mine appears to be glassed in, so difficult to tell. Steve - is not the holding tank (Porta Potti fitted) Has anyone prised up the cabin sole in an early RL28, and if so, was it a worthwhile exercise? Chris
chris hanson29-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
Bilge pumps.
Chris. You will find that there is a sump to collect any water on the cabin floor just aft of the plate case, and there should be some 12mm holes just above it. The drain pipe then runs aft under the floor to a pump if the boat was factory finished.
Rob Legg.29-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
bilge pump
Thanks Rob. I'm fairly certain the boat was factory finished (the workmanship is too good and too consistent for most DIY finishers) Regards Chris
chris hanson30-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 

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