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I am looking at buying RL24 and require some advice as this is my first yacht, it isn't a trailer sailer and has a full keel, also has a raised cabin( about 8 inches) comes fully fitted out E.g sounder,radio, auto helm,etc . Is this yacht reasonably safe in rough weather ! and is there anything i should be keeping an eye on . How much money would be a fair price.

Regards Bob

Bob24-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
Raised cabin
Sorry but i can't tell you who done this modification as have not purchases boat yet.
Bob 25-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL24 keel boat
Looking at buying an RL24 as a first yacht? Without knowing the condition and quality of the fittings of the particular RL and the fact that there are not many keel boat versions of the 24 and this is probably the only one with the modified cabin, it is near impossible to give advise.

Perhaps the best advise I have heard about buying second hand yachts is regardless of asking price, offer 50% of what you consider it is worth and be prepared to have them sell at that price.

A good cruising J24 probably sells for $8k. The J24s are readily available with substantial gear. J24s have limited accommodation but suit newbies to keel boat ownership.

Given the typical price of J24s, my guess is this good modified orphan RL24 would be top dollar at $3k-5k. That might seem extreme but old keel boats are risky business and cost just as much to keep seaworthy and safe as new boats.

Another saying, the happiest days of a keel boat owner are the day they buy the boat and the day they sell the boat.

If you can accommodate a more popular trailer sailer of any size, it might be a better sailing proposition and easier to sell once you have the experience to upgrade to whatever you like. Its most likely your second boat that will be the best one for you long term.

As for safety in rough weather, it is not practical to comment without a lot more information. Issues that should be considered are, the area, the expected weather and sea state, the crew skills, the sails and rig, the hull and ballast, the engine, the safety gear and what scares you.

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