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Sounder transducer placement
I am fitting a new transducer to my sounder because I think the transducer being fitted just foward of the out board on my RL28 is absolutely nuts. I want it further forward preferably forward of Midships internally. Any suggestion from other RL28 owners?
Robert Lester7-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL28 - locating sounder transducer
I have found that the best location for the sounder transducer is forward of the centreboard to avoid turbulance. This area is accessible under the forward bunks - the only problem is that the hull is sloping here. However, by mounting the transducer inside the hull it can be mounted vertically. See the article in Tips and Modifications on this site for help on mounting inside the hull.
Keith Merkley8-Mar-2004    Edit    Delete 

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